That's how it works:

  1. 1 Design the rings as you like
  2. 2 Afterwards complete the configuration and select a jeweller in your area
Complete the configuration
Wedding ring
Here you can create your individual ring design completely by yourself
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Welcome to the creativity centre
In the Fischer creativity centre you can design the rings you have in mind. You place your order exclusively with the jeweller, not online. And there's a reason for that. Namely, it's essential that the ring fits perfectly. The process of measuring the right size is delicate and therefore has to be made by an expert. But first of all we would like to wish you lots of inspiration and fun in the design process online.
View a
saved ring
Have you already configured the ring you desire and would like to view the ring again? Then just start here with the respective wedding ring ID.
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Jeweller in
your area
Here you can find a configurator jeweller in your area and arrange an appointment for consultation. The jeweller will give you expert advice, determine your exact ring widths and order the rings for you.
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Memoire ring designer
Here you can select from models of the current Fischer memoire collection and configure the ring you desire.
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Modifyer rings
Here you can modify a number of Fischer models with different precious metal alloys and colours and vary the diamonds set.
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of authenticity
The quality certificate confirms the authenticity of the ring. You receive a certificate for each configurator order which guarantees the authenticity and quality of our products. The products are manufactured 100% in Germany
Start configurator or select a ring model
Select your starting point: You can start with a pre-configured ring which is close to the ring you desire or start from the beginning with a "white canvas".
Design or modify
the rings as you
Change the rings according to your wishes. Select a profile and change the surface, colour, alloy and segments. Add the diamonds and enter your personal text for the engraving.
Select jeweller and complete the configuration
Select a jeweller in your area where you would like to pick up the ring to finish the configuration process.